Graphene Conference, Aachen, Germany 5.07.2022

Graphene Conference (link) is the largest European conference & exhibition on graphene and 2D materials. This year marked the 12th edition of the event, which was held in Aachen, Germany, between July 5th and 8th 2022. With 74 Keynote & Invited speakers, 33 exhibitors and 10 parallel workshops, the conference is one of the most important events worldwide for the graphene and 2D materials community.

BeeGraphene was represented at the conference by our CEO, Piotr Ciochoń. Our stand at the exhibition was visited by many academic and industrial scientists working on a wide variety of topics, including both basic research and applications of graphene in various industrial sectors. We were visited by experts from such fields as radio-frequency electronics, spintronics, optoelectronics, sensors, and biosensors. The conversations and contacts that we have made are already developing into collaborations and projects. We look forward to finding out what exciting applications of our product will be developed by our partners in the upcoming months!

Apart from the event itself, we were also impressed by the westernmost city in Germany, Aachen, which hosted the conference and exhibition. It is famous especially for its Cathedral from the 9th century. Located just next to the tri-border area, a point where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet, it really feels like one of the birthplaces of the European Union. It is a place that shows what we can achieve when working together.

A strong interest in our product and company shows that the direction that we have chosen is right – and we are excited to be a part of the upcoming graphene revolution!

BeeGraphene booth at the Graphene conference 2022.
Exhibitors space at the Graphene conference 2022.
One of the oral sessions at the Graphene conference 2022.

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