2 inch (50 mm) graphene on SiC wafer

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Graphene on silicon carbide substrate wafer with 2 inches diameter and 330 µm thickness

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Graphene on silicon carbide substrate wafer with 2 inches (50 mm) diameter and 330 µm thickness

Graphene is present in the circle with a diameter around 3 mm smaller than the size of the SiC wafer.

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Properties of graphene (max tolerance ±15%):

  • Number of layers: 1-5
  • Layers stacking: ABC
  • Phase: monocrystal on the whole sample
  • Method of production: partly reversible graphitisation of SiC (0001) under silicon atoms’ flux
  • Electrical properties: doped, type n, electric charge neutral point (Dirac point) around 0.35 eV below Fermi level
  • Average surface roughness (RMS): 0.36-0.81 nm
  • Average surface step’s height: 0.7-1.4 nm
  • Average surface terrace’s width: 260-344 nm

Properties of a substrate:

  • Material: silicon carbide (SiC)
  • Phase: monocrystal
  • Thickness: 330 µm (±25 µm)
  • Surface orientation: <0001> (±0.5 °)
  • The concentration of micropipe-type defects (MPD): 15 cm-2
  • Band gap: 3.23 eV
  • TTV / Bow / Warp: 15 µm / 25 µm / 25 µm
  • Thermal conductivity along a axis in 298 K: 4.9 W/cm K
  • Thermal conductivity along c axis in 298 K: 3.9 W/cm K


Results of characterisation techniques such as ARPES, XPS, spectrophotometry, Raman spectrometry, and AFM are available upon request.

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