Premium quality graphene on silicon carbide

Monocrystal graphene on SiC

1 to 5 layers monocrystal graphene on silicon carbide substrate of up to 2-inches wafers’ size. Perfect for research on, but not limited to, graphene electronics or sensors. Also ideal ultra-flat surface for microscopy.

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And so it began

Everything started with an unexpected idea. It was followed by six years of hard work refining the concept and making it work as intended. And finally, we’ve got it! High-quality, wafer-scale epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide, ready to compete on the global market. Three friends wholeheartedly believed in the idea and founded BeeGraphene in 2020. Now, as a team of five, we aim to equip you with premium-quality material, which will answer all your research and development needs. If you require customization, additional support, characterization or fabrication services, we have your back too!

We should think of science globally. Our innovations simply cannot be kept behind closed doors of laboratories. This is especially true in the case of innovations that could disrupt existing industries. I am delighted to bring our graphene to the world and let everyone perform life-changing projects with it.”

Piotr Ciochoń, CEO

Our technology

Our propertiary technology, protected by international patents, is based on a reversible graphitization of silicon carbide under the flux of Si atoms.

Below you can watch a short movie presenting our company (in English with Polish captions).

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